Live Breathe SF Artistic Landscaping & Design has an edge over any other gardening service provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, because the founder, Anthony Locher, brings to the table a strong artistic background that goes above and beyond just landscape design. His eye for aesthetics, integration of color theory, and keen sense for flow will add touches and enhancements to your outdoor space that you can't find anywhere else.


Since 2016, he and his team have been providing quality design, installation and garden care services with heart, expertise, and a deep commitment to our clients having great spaces for them to rest, restore, and commune with nature.


The design process is a collaboration between you and the designer. Our commitment is to hear your ideas, translate them into a visual representation that brings your vision to life, all while taking into account environmental considerations based on which climate you are in, functionality, and your budget.


Gardens are ever changing, evolving, growing, living - this is the beauty of watching your garden grow, thrive, and change through the seasons. Ongoing care is the backbone of any thriving garden. Our team of skilled gardeners are passionate about plants and will tailor the care and upkeep to meet your and your garden's ever changing needs.

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